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About Us

After years of operations, we have accumulated abundant professional experience and also established a good and long-term cooperative relationship with local manufactures of related industries. We are the superior in the quality and price.
Since the company's establishment, we have focused on the development and manufacturing preparation of related products.
In the rubber rads and machinery products, we never hesitate to invest, and we gradually form our own product characteristics with a stable and skilled worker troop and an excellent product design troop.
In product sales, we persist both in export and domestic market. We not only actively develop international markets, but also try to supply equipment matching with construction machines made by domestic factories. We pursue high product quality and improve the internal management. By the high quality and best service, we desire to get the market share expansion and customer recognition.

Products and services

undercarriage of a car YJB01 Agricultural Undercarriage
construction machinery for sale YJA01 STEEL TRACK SEPARATE UNDERCARRIAGE
undercarriage of a car YJB01 Agricultural Undercarriage
rims for sale cheap YJK01
small sprockets and chains YJI01
rubber tracks for sale YJC01
rubber track pads for excavators YJD3 CLIP ON RUBBER PAD

Zhenjiang Yijiang Chemical Co.,Ltd